Logix ICF Walls

At Chris Ledet Homes, we are all about innovation. This week we are beginning a new project using the latest construction technology, Logix ICF walls. ICF (insulated concrete form) is a hollow foam block filled with concrete that combines energy efficient and durable building systems for below and above grade walls. One might ask, why build with ICF walls? There are several benefits that we are happy to provide our customers, ensuring a high quality living experience. 

“Providing top of the line materials and solutions for our clients has always been and remains a priority for Chris Ledet Homes,” explains owner and builder Paul Ledet. “Building with Logix ICF walls does exactly that.” 

Logix homes are built for energy efficiency. The materials used combined with a genius single-wall construction offers a continual insulating wall that inhibits energy loss, exceeding today’s building codes by up to 50%.

Disaster resistance has a nice ring to it, right? As a Louisiana based builder, we have a deep understanding of the word “disaster”, and ICF walls can help assure protection against the power of Mother Nature. In a place where hurricanes and flooding are experienced, ICF walls are the perfect solution as they are built to sustain over 300 mph winds and prevent moisture penetration to protect against rotting of the structure. In addition, they have a 4-hour fire rating and protect against earthquakes with engineering available for all seismic zones.  

The friendly and non-toxic technology of Logix helps to reduce energy consumption and provides healthier indoor quality of air. As an added bonus, you’ll receive a quieter living experience as ICF walls reduce outside noise to a whisper. 

Last but not least, a home built of ICF walls resists many typical age-related building issues such as frost, mold, cracks, termites, pests, water and nail pops, providing you with peace of mind. 

To get started on your project or for more information on using ICF walls, contact CLH today.